Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Personal Update

I caved and bought it.

Yes, my macbook pro now has protection. the book book cover from TwelveSouth. I mention this case in a blog earlier this year and kept debating on it until I got it. I was completely ecstatic when I found out that they had free shipping, although I was even more thrilled when I didn't have to pay for shipping to where I live since it's technically outside the continental United States. They didn't even sneak in shipping charges on my bill :) Definitely giving them a good rating. UPS even worked overtime to get this to me, which is shocking because I honestly wasn't expecting that.

In other news, I just finished Jennifer Weiner's latest book Fly Away Home.
This book though amazing. Took me longer to finish than normal possibly because I have been having to read so much for work and haven't had enough energy to read something fun. I did like the book. It gave a face to the family behind the public sex scandals. Probably reads better than CBS's The Good Wife looks. I don't watch the show, so I honestly couldn't tell you.

I do recommend reading Jennifer Weiner. She will touch your estrogen center and have you longing to have more at every page. She is probably best known as the author to In Her Shoes. If you only watched the Cameron Diaz movie you are missing out on some good writing.  Check her out the next time you're at your bookstore/library :)