Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daily blog in January

January 13,2013

Yes, I know I was suppose to blog yesterday about yesterday but yet again this is another combined post. So yesterday, I get woken up at 6 in the morning by Justin telling me to come pick him up since him and one of his roommates got into a fight. Yes, I actually hopped out of bed in my pjs put on my contacts and drove to pick him up. I would have driven faster but hell I was still a bit asleep and didn't want to crash. I find him at 630 in the morning at a gas station crying. I ask if he wanted to talk about what happened he says no but says that even though I may judge him for running away from a fight there were things that were said that should also be said sober if they are true. I decided to drive around town for a bit and told him that I need coffee if we were going to continue any further. I picked up coffee and a bagel in Kahala and he continued to sleep in the car. I took the opportunity to make the drive to Sandys to watch the sunrise since I rarely get to just sit on the beach and watch the sunrise. It was beautiful beyond words and watching the waves crash into the beach is so calming and makes me feel so small at the same time. I drove back toward the city and stopped at a random lookout point where to take in the view. A stranger chatted me up for a while and told me that Life is too short for people to be mad and in fights. It's so true you know! I got back to town and dropped Justin off, he was still tired and groggy as hell, but I wanted to get some chores done and get a bit of sleep before heading back out.

I called Justin later to see if he wanted lunch and to check on him. We grabbed lunch from a food truck and went to a park to eat. He still is really good to me even though we aren't together. He finally tells me what happened between him and his roommate, which I won't share on here. It's a much bigger story that it's really worth. I didn't know what to say there's really nothing to say to someone who doesn't want to believe the truth. We go back to his place and hang for a bit before his other roommate comes home. They talk about the crazy fest from the night before and yes we're all on the same page. His roommate has taken the crazy train to no goodvile and needs to objectively look at things. I left soon after that because there are things in life that you can't put off. I decided to spend a quiet evening at home because seriously that was way too much drama for one day.

Today, Sunday: was a super chill day. I cleaned the house, went on a few errands, got caught in traffic and was having a pretty chill evening until my mom called. I've been house sitting for my 'rents all weekend long and they were suppose to be back tonight. My mom called to say that the plane broke and from what she knew that they at least wouldn't be back until possibly tomorrow but even that was uncertain. I feel lonely right now, but at least this weekend I know I can make it on my own and survive. Accomplished task today doing laundry in my parents energy efficient washer.

Be back tomorrow I think.

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