Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Japan 2010

Finally, right!?! I have been editing pictures in between working a ton. I swear that I work too much, but given the other alternative I would rather work. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to go to Japan this summer for work. Although going there has forever altered my mind about food, everything I ate aside from the shave ice in Hiroshima was to die for good. I want to go back so badly, but maybe not in summer. Ironically the whole 10 days we were there was the last part of the rainy season and it rained nearly every day or night at some point. It was also incredibly humid there which doesn't make for a completely great condition. I know you are going to consider me crazy when I say this but the rain there feels different there than it does in Hawaii. I know it comes from the same sky, but it feels different in all the places I've been.
Sorry this post is so picture heavy, but it was requested. I hope that you like it even though I'm not an incredibly great photographer. There are no pictures of anyone else I went on the trip for their protection for various reasons. Enjoy the picture trail...

Osaka from the Floating Garden Observatory

Rainbow bridge in Tokyo

oysters for sale on Miyajima

Kyoto Tower

Can you see the dragon and the turtle?

man hole covers in Osaka

Apparently they still exists in Japan

Is it food or something else?

playing dress up at the Hiroshima castle

Hiroshima countryside

2 things Miyajima is known for in a picture

World's largest rice paddle

view of Tokyo from Sunshine 60 Observatory

inside the elevator at Sunshine 60 Observatory

key to the room in Tokyo
only thing cooler than this was the keys to our rooms in Kyoto

the front in vanilla and grapefruit in the back is mango 
dessert for lunch in Tokyo Disneyland

Kyoto Ramen

soft cream from the vending machine in Miyajima
green tea, watermelon, and cookie&cream

okonomiyaki in Hiroshima

lemon taiyaki 

sushi in Tsukiji

Shokukkei Gardens in Hiroshima

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