Friday, October 19, 2012

i know that there are a million things that i shouldn't have done tonight. a bunch of things that i shouldn't have said too. but it doesn't change how i feel and how it is now. 

i sick as all hell. i know that an eye for eye isn't right. he never should have gotten in the middle of a girl fight and there he was in the middle. he made it worse and this is where we are completely nowhere with nothing.

i had nothing to worry about. i saw her and she's nobody and not even a looker in real life. they were all right and that's fine. why protect someone that you don't care for? why have jealous feelings for someone that doesn't matter. i can almost guarantee that she's going to be texting him about how i showed up at her workplace with some guy.

i hate feelings like this. i know she doesn't matter and i know that now. and that's all that matters.

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