Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I wish you knew

i wish you knew....
-how everything taste like nothing in my mouth
-how i want to spend most days under a desk or covers
-how i haven't been sleeping at nights
-how the sleeping pills i've been taking haven't been working
-how i hate when you text me things that make you miss me
-how i spend half the time wishing you would call and the other half wishing you didn't
-how i hate when you call me in the middle of the night
-how i spend most of the days struggling not to cry
-how i try not to make people feel sorry for me mostly because i'm sad alot
-how i've seriously wish i was never born right now
-how i wish i had never met you
-how i know you really don't miss me even though you say you do
-how i wished my heart would stop hurting
-how much weight i've lost because of all of this
-how i can't stand to look at myself anymore

yeah i wish you knew and every single time i tell you. you don't listen.
you can't hear me crying
you can't see the tears in my tears
you can't see my heart shatter on the floor
you can't hear me screaming

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