Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's gonna be a good day

January 5, 2013

After I posted my blog yesterday I left him a voicemail about what I was trying to explain to him and I probably shouldn't have left him a voicemail to begin with. I call to check to see if he got the voicemail because there is nothing worse than having someone call you back days later and there is nothing of relevance to say anymore. He got the voicemail and then called me later to chat. We had nothing to chat about since life is just life. Apparently he was home alone most of the night and decided that it was good to call me again later that night. ugh! He even called this morning...I guess we'll see how long this last.

It was a really good day or at least I feel semi accomplished.  I dropped off donations to Goodwill which I had been meaning to get out of my room for a while, I stopped by Ben Franklin Crafts and finally picked up the laminate cartridge and finished laminating the passes for work, picked up a pack of pack of Thank You cards for work yay! Picked up a new monthly planner for work at Sanrio because I'm slimming down and I wanted a cute one. I also watched a ton of things in my instant queue on Netflix which is always good. The only bad thing about today was McDonald's and getting another bill from the hospital.

I hope that all days are as chill and as great as this all year :)

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