Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year-New Life

 January 2, 2013
I've decided that I  need to start keeping a journal again of all things that happen in a year because all the days of my life are starting to blur.

Today mostly nothing happened. Work has been interesting. We got in a scholar who is staying at the apartment probably until June. She and her husband are from
Germany and she's working on her second book on Buddhism. After she leaves from Hawaii she will shortly be going to Japan to live and do research on the Gion Festival.

Justin called today. I decided to let him go at the end of last year. I didn't do very well because yesterday. I took him a plate of New Year's food as a peace offering at work. I also took a plate of food to his roommates Colby and Kama. He called yesterday thinking that I was trying to kill him, SERIOUSLY!??  Then he calmed down and we had a real conversation. 

Today I put away all the things that reminded me of him. I took both the earrings he gave me for Christmas, the painting he gave me for my birthday, the shot glasses I received in the mail. I did forget one thing which I'll probably put away this weekend. I put them all in my college keepsake box, which is quite packed away and will take some work to get to if I start to miss him. I even deleted his number out of my phone. I haven't decided if I'm going to give him the last of the letters I've written and write him one last letter.

I deleted all his friends out of my phone earlier in December because it was when I first decided that he needed to be out of my life. I dismantled the album of us online. I gave him back the shirt that his mom gave me. The only thing that I have left to deal with is the joint account that we created together. 3 more months. 

I can't wait to have him out of my life and have my life back. New Year-New Life.

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