Monday, September 5, 2011


These past couple weekends have been blooming creativity in me. 

Every September The Foodbank in Hawaii sponsors Canstruction. Th event invites 5/6 companies out to challenge each other to building the most creative structure using cans of food and water donated by their respective companies. Companies will put together their team and with all the donated food on a given day set to work. I think there's a time limit, but I'm not sure. All the structures are left up for 2 weeks during which time the public is given the chance to vote for the winning design. 1 can of food= 1 vote. This year's subject I believe was youth. Here are some of the more creative designs.

textbooks and apple for the teacher

a rocket blasting off

a McDonald's kids meal

Of course Oscar the Grouch recycles

Sometimes when the energy is flowing right you get creativity. I've been letting the energy flow and it's been good for me. See the pictures below, there's still a few more things I've been working on and haven't finished yet.

a recycled magazine holder. There's a tutorial on youtube.

a lined bag for my every day electronics

a new keychain holder, since I'm a little too old to be carrying around random animals and I needed to find my keys in my mess of a bag

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