Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why can't I?

January 14, 2013
The 'rents were suppose to get home on Sunday but they got delayed in Vegas :( Spending time at your house because you have crazy neighbors is never a good thing. I call Justin at 2 because he didn't call back, we talk. Wait an hour and then I get a text asking to come over. I come over and hang for a bit. Get caught by his roommate, who since he's dealing with his own issues doesn't say anything. I leave for work and have a busy day. Head home because I have crazy neighbors and have a boring night at home. The 'rents get home and all is well on the home front. Although they are pissed at Hawaiian Airlines at the moment.

January 15, 2013
ehhh....Another busy day. I still don't get why he calls me. He calls me in the morning to apologize for getting blasted the night before. Heavy day at work followed by a not so great night meeting. Boom and just like that after being good I'm having a skin break out and craving pizza. Sucks! Make plans to spend a lunch tomorrow with Wendy and catch up. And fall asleep I'm avoiding the world until next week.

January 16, 2013
Get called at 3am I don't think so on my holiday. Wake up and drive to Wendy's to grab lunch. Get attacked by her dogs who happen to apparently love me. We decide to go to Heeia Kea Pier and General Store. Ummm...I'm dying cause it is so beautiful. Love driving to Kaneohe and being there. So untouched. We are waiting for our food when I go to check Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park from Hawaii 5-O. I was a little star struck , but was totally normal around them. I told Wendy that Justin & I split up and she was overjoyed. I also related to her bits and pieces of the story with Justin and his roommates. It's true they do cause too much drama in life. The rest of the day was super chill and I have definitely been glad for it.

Write again soon.

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