Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why can't the past just be the past?

January 3, 2013

So after I posted last night. I did the unthinkable and called Justin. I really honestly did think about not calling me back, why call me? What's the point? But I called him and there was no real point to him calling me other than to torture me and pretend that we are friends. In his little world everyone is friends and we're happy all the time and no one has problems...BULLSHIT!

I also did another unthinkable because I asked him why did he keep Dani around for so long and why did he keep running back to her. He claims that he had no reason and I should seriously stop delving into things. Ummm....hi! not your decision to make anymore. All you can do is answer my questions and be decent to me. In the midst of our conversation he says his phone dies and then after he decides to plug it in and let it charge decides that it would be great to call me at 430 in the morning. Uh...yeah I don't buy your story....

Work is going well. My co-worker is back and things seem to be falling into place, so I can't complain about that right now. I just hope that it keeps going this way so far.

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