Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why is it so easy to cut some people out of your life and yet so hard to cut out others? It kills me inside to know that at this time last year I was in a relationship and I thought we were getting to somewhere good. Seriously though it sucks to know that you care enough about the other person to say I'm sorry about things and want to change and the other person doesn't want to change at all. It sucks to know that I want to be friends and ask about your life as a friend and you can't ask about mine.
-Did you know that you make me cry more than you make me smile?
-That I often feel your punching bag because you refuse to let me tell you my feelings
-I'm doing my best to accept you as you are the least you can do is accept me as I am
-Do you know that I've almost put my bottom teeth through my lips at least 5 times this year?
-Do you even know that you can hear my jaw click when I grind my teeth now?
-Does it even matter that I think to take you places because something there made me think of you?
-It sucks that you haven't learned the art of listening yet

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