About Me

1. Jamie is a nickname that I go by most of the time
2. I've lived in only 2 states
3. I've traveled from coast to coast once
4. I've developed a pretty serious addiction to makeup and nailpolish
5.My favorite colors are blood red, sky blue, black, and white
6. I have an older brother
7. I'm an Aunt
8. I currently don't own a smart phone
9. I have never tent camped
10. I have one tattoo on my wrist which reads inspire ♡
11. I have 6 piercings in my ears 2 on my right and 4 on my left
12. I'm a concert junkie
13. I love cold weather especially snow
14. One of my favorites sports is snowboarding
15. I love the Frends Crew
16. I've been to Japan once
17. I'm addicted to coffee

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